Supporting New Film Releases

The BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) is a unique collaboration of eight Film Hubs across the UK managed by leading film organisations. Supported by the National Lottery, we seek to ensure the greatest choice of film is available for everyone.

Since 2016, BFI FAN has been supporting new film releases. Our aim is to better connect the worlds of distribution and exhibition, and ensure that important independent releases find a place in cinemas, and connect with audiences, across the UK.

Find out more about how BFI FAN supports new releases and how you can get involved below.

Audience at Watershed © Jon Craig Photography

FAN support for selected titles

From summer 2018, BFI FAN will support five new release films each year, selected by representatives from BFI FAN, BFI, Into Film and the Independent Cinema Office. Anyone can submit a film for consideration and we particularly welcome submissions from film distributors and exhibitors.

Submissions are open on a rolling basis for films being released from mid-October 2018 onwards. Shortlisting for the next selection will take place in August 2018 and we expect to announce the next films to receive FAN support by the end of that month.

To qualify for FAN support, submitted films must meet at least three of the below criteria in addition to a clear rationale for its appeal to a young audience (16-30 years). Please note FAN will only support films scheduled for release by the FDA and certified by BBFC.

  • Go beyond the mainstream offer and may be perceived as ‘risky’ or ‘challenging’
  • Have potential to engage diverse audiences (as per BFI Diversity Standards)
  • Show a diversity of on-screen portrayals, cultures and languages.
  • Tell distinctive British stories – with a focus on non-London
  • Make a particular contribution to the art of film (for example a distinctive style)
  • FAN can impact on in terms of audience reach and engagement

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Further information for Film Distributors:

All FAN support is focussed on reaching young people, aged 16-30, and includes:

  • A tailored, regionally-focussed campaign – that looks at the entire life-span of the release – developed in conversation with the film distributor to complement national plans
  • Communication to FAN member exhibitors to encourage bookings and offer regional campaign support
  • A marketing consultant in each of the eight Film Hub areas working to:
    • raise visibility and attendance via regional press and marketing
    • support key venues with additional event activity and marketing
  • A small campaign budget in each of the eight Film Hub areas
  • A BFI FAN Marketing Pack designed especially for exhibitors with event and marketing ideas, copy, images, assets, press and e-mail outreach templates – ensuring exhibitors have everything in one place to help effectively promote the film

Further information for Film Exhibitors:

Support for exhibitors screening FAN-supported films is focussed on reaching young people, aged 16-30, and includes:

  • A BFI FAN Marketing Pack designed especially for exhibitors and containing event and marketing ideas, copy, images, assets, press and e-mail outreach templates to help effectively promote the film
  • Access to a small campaign budget for grassroots marketing or event activity  e.g. social media advertising or a special event
  • An extended press and marketing campaign in each Film Hub area to raise visibility and attendance
  • Longer-term audience development support for selected FAN venues each year. Find out more and apply here.  This support includes:
    • an audience development workshop – get expert help to create a plan that works for your venue, aimed at developing 16-30 audiences for new releases
    • help implementing your plan from a local marketing consultant
    • access to the regional campaign budget for additional marketing or event activity for each of the FAN-supported titles


Booking Now is a new, monthly newsletter (launching Summer 2018) that will be delivered to all FAN members. It includes booking opportunities for new releases as well as nationwide seasons (e.g. the BFI Blockbuster) and touring programmes.

Film Exhibitors: Booking Now is delivered automatically to FAN members – if you’re not a member yet, find out more about joining your nearest Film Hub.

Film Distributors & Event Programmers: If you have a concrete offer for FAN member exhibitors (e.g. talent available for Q&As, a touring programme or access to regional marketing support) Booking Now is the place to share it – submit information to be included via the link below.

*Please note we will not be able to include information about standard film releases. We will only include information where there is additional marketing or event activity and/or a wider programme available to book.

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