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The BFI Film Audience Network supports four films every year. Submissions are open on a rolling basis for films being released from July 2019 onwards. Shortlisting for the next selection is currently underway and we expect to announce the next films to receive FAN support shortly.

To qualify for FAN support, the film must meet at least 3 of the below criteria in addition to a clear rationale for its appeal to a young audience (16-30 years). Please note FAN will only support films scheduled for release by the FDA and certified by BBFC.

  • Go beyond the mainstream offer and may be perceived as ‘risky’ or ‘challenging’
  • Have potential to engage diverse audiences (as per BFI Diversity Standards)
  • Show a diversity of on-screen portrayals, cultures and languages
  • Tell distinctive British stories – with a focus on non-London
  • Make a particular contribution to the art of film (for example a distinctive style)
  • FAN can impact on in terms of audience reach and engagement

Films are selected by a committee made up of a diverse group of marketeers, programmers and representatives from the BFI Film Audience Network, BFI, Into Film, Young Audience Network and the Independent Cinema Office.

Here’s a few tips for distributors that we’ve learnt so far by promoting New Release titles.

In selecting the titles, many are run by young audience members for Into Film, Young Audiences and Rife for their feedback to ensure that potential titles resonate and appeal to young audiences.  

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